Dr. Presto Launches Prevention Week in Verona: A great success! 

Did you know that arteries are an important window into your general health? An insight into their condition can help avoid serious health issues (including stroke and heart attack!). For this reason, preventive artery exams are very important. This is why Dr. Presto was created – a service that offers diagnostic measurements at pharmacies close to you and provides you with the doctor’s opinion in 24 hours. 

From 17 to 21 April, Dr. Presto is holding its Prevention Week in Verona, Italy, providing leg artery tests for people with risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and age over 65. We are very happy to report that the event was a success, with plenty of interested individuals looking to put their health first. There were no lines though: Dr. Presto leg artery tests only take a few minutes. 

The Prevention Week is taking place at Farmacia Bacchini, Via B. Giuliari 23, between 9 AM to 12 PM. Based on the interest, the event has been great reminder of the importance of early prevention in maintaining good health. By taking just a few minutes for a leg artery test and having the measurements checked by doctors via telecare, potential health problems could be detected and addressed sooner rather than later. Prevention is the best medicine, and Dr. Presto is proud to able to offer these services to people in Verona and beyond. 

If you miss Prevention Week in Verona, don’t worry – visit the Dr. Presto website for more Dr. locations! And do not forget – the care for your arteries begins with you. Whether it’s quitting smoking, changing your diet, or starting to exercise, there are many ways to improve artery health and thus avoid serious health issues. At Dr. Presto, we’re committed to helping individuals stay healthy and discover any problems early, and we’re proud to be able to offer services like leg artery tests to make that happen. 

Take a test here and see if you belong to an artery risk group!